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Tuvalu 51 Manifesto (English original version)

Tuvalu 51 Manifesto (English version) In these times of doom and chaos, we must save the last candle of the free world. We the refugees, we the justice-starving, we the modern slaves, proclaim : On this time of doom and chaos, there is no way to turn back. We only have to face what’s coming. What’s coming is the end of all. To avoid suffering of the children we have to shelter them. A new floating state will be created out from renewed design of WWII Phoenix caissons, hooked together to form long lasting and cost efficient floating platforms where to build cities and farms. This state will be named after the state of Tuvalu who is the first Sovereign state to disappear because of climate change and sea level rising. The number 51 means our hope that this floating state may become the 51st state of the USA if our demands are accepted. We want that state to have its own constitution, alike Texas. We want that state to come back to the spirit of