Tuvalu 51 Manifesto (English original version)

Tuvalu 51 Manifesto

(English version)

In these times of doom and chaos, we must save the last candle of the free world. We the refugees, we the justice-starving, we the modern slaves, proclaim :

On this time of doom and chaos, there is no way to turn back. We only have to face what’s coming. What’s coming is the end of all. To avoid suffering of the children we have to shelter them.

A new floating state will be created out from renewed design of WWII Phoenix caissons, hooked together to form long lasting and cost efficient floating platforms where to build cities and farms.

This state will be named after the state of Tuvalu who is the first Sovereign state to disappear because of climate change and sea level rising. The number 51 means our hope that this floating state may become the 51st state of the USA if our demands are accepted.

We want that state to have its own constitution, alike Texas.

We want that state to come back to the spirit of the founders of USA.

We want that state to welcome indiscriminately all of climate refugees, political refugees, economic refugees.

We want that state placed under protection of what may remain of the free world.

A “gun free” state

We want that state to ban individual possession of lethal weapons. Lethal weapons shall be reserved to the legitimate armed force, only to ensure protection against external threats, lethal arms shall be not be use to ensure order, in the exception of the necessity to take down illegal armed groups. The legitimate armed force shall always be accompanied by civilian service members trained to prevent abuse and to negotiate.

Civilian service

We want a mandatory civilian service to take place. Every adult and healthy citizen shall be in mandatory civilian service when unemployed, on when on probation, for a maximum of 18 hours weekly, and for every other citizen and newcomer, at least 2 hours weekly.

This civilian service is unpaid work offered the the community. It replaces the ancient world’s former mandatory military service also know in some countries as « national service ».

A various set of missions can be asked to civilian service members. Amongst those, help fight online hatred and misinformation.

During this civilan service, the newcomers may be asked to help fight online hatred and misinformation, especially that originating from countries against the free world, with a particular focus on terrorist organizations, under supervision and screening of intelligence community.

They will so become de facto intelligence community members for a while. Those showing some particular talent for this mission will then be hired by the intelligence community, following the part time rule, while those showing to be de facto members of terrorist organizations, or members of hostile intelligence services, will be refused the refugee status.

Work sharing

Share and Live, or Keep and Die”

The social ladder can only work if everyone (and especially executives) agrees to work only part-time, especially in times of health, economic and ecological crisis.

In Tuvalu 51 we want the maximum weekly working time to not exceed 18 hours, that means every one shall be a part-time worker. Exception to the rule is when there is no enough qualified workers to do the tasks at part time (ex. hospital), then full time is momentarily allowed. Another except to the rule is when a co-worker is sick or absent for any reason.

At Tuvalu 51 we endorse the promoting of part-time job as a rule, and as a solution to provide more job opportunities to more people, provided that each and any worker accept to comply to this rule.

Part-time job, as a rule, can also help to address health issues, as part tim workers may very well take care of their health by practising some kind of sport on their free time. Also twenty part-timers are more resilient to overwhelming or absenteeism caused by external causes (epidemics and so on..) than ten stressed full-timers.

Part-time job as rule may also very well help to decrease the rate of waste and over-consumption, by the simple fact that part-timers have more time to REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE.

Part-time job as a rule, may also lead to a better educated children and adults since the part-timers have more time to educate their children, and also more time to educate, inform and train themselves.

Tuvalu 51 brings hope and resilience, and it is in the absolute paradigm shift that represents part-time as a rule, coupled with the marine habitat. In order to avoid contacts in this post-Covid world, it will be necessary to divide by two the teams, and therefore the production, in all companies or institutions that do not have the possibility of expanding their premises, which means almost all businesses and institutions, whether public or private.

A brutal halving of production would de facto mean halving tax revenues and it would be too difficult to bear for democracies. In order to cushion this shock, the relevance of developing marine habitat appears in all its truth.

The marine habitat will allow the unconditional reception of all refugees and populations in distress, which will unfortunately not be lacking in the years to come. These populations will be subject to this new law, part-time work, condition of their unconditional reception.

Thus, by distributing economic activity for half on the continent, and half on the ocean (floating cities, floating farms, etc.), it will be possible for the pioneer countries who accept to recognize and support Tuvalu 51 to preserve their tax revenues, and therefore their ability to manage the health and climate crises properly.

The other « cuntries », those who want to "keep everything" will be condemned to manage ALONE the same problems as today with TWICE as less resources. Radical punishment. Economic Gehenna. There is a prophetic dimension to what we are living. To SURVIVE you will have to SHARE. Work. The resources. The ocean. Space. The knowledge.

Later, when the economy starts up again, and green growth is no longer a simple concept, then these populations of part-time workers will gradually be able to increase their lifestyle and will constitute a reservoir of customers / suppliers / savers for a reviving global economy, which is still much better than letting them die off the European coast or on Mexico border. You must SHARE today to be able TO BOUNCE BACK tomorrow ! This is all about the motto of TUVALU 51 , “Share and Live, or Keep and Die”. This is a prophetic motto, that motto will fit also perfectly for space conquest.

As a result we want tuvalu 51 to promote job sharing on a worldwide scale, as a world with 5 billion part-timers will offer more market opportunities and better economic resilience to pandemics and crises than the pre-Covid world. Part-time job as a rule, or job sharing, is not only business friendly, but the only way to save civilization.

Protection for women and children

In this world statistics shows that up to one children in ten is victim of incest. Other estimates shows that up to one human in 3 , 86 % of whom are women or girls, will be in his life subject to rape or rape attempt. (Information report made about rape, Ms. Sophie Auconie and Ms. Marie ‑ Pierre Rixain, Registered at the Presidency of the French National Assembly on February 22, 2018 .) *

This simply means that one male in three cannot be considered « civilized ».

So in Tuvalu 51 we want the children under 15 to be raised in restricted access, « where only women do make the rules » buildings/areas, where adult males (older than 15) would be only tolerated provided they have no record of molesting or domestic violence, and provided there is acceptance from the women council(s) controlling the building(s)/area(s). Every man reported or condemned for rape, or attempt, domestic violence, or abusive or threatening behaviour could so be banned from the « women ruled » areas.

We want the school and educational facilities (sport etc) to be adjacent to « women rule area », and to be of restricted access.

Public health

In Tuvalu 51 we think that healthy individuals are better for society than sick ones. For that reason, each substance, psychoactive or not, must have a reasonnable, limited or forbidden lifetime consumption. Plutonium for example should be a forbidden substance. Alcohol, sugar and fat should be limited. To poison oneself has nothing to do with individual freedom and free choice, since the self poisoning has an adverse consequence for the community and tax payers, notably through the overwhelming of ER and hospitals.

Each individual has a specific tolerance to each substance. Only a medical advice should confirm or modify the general rule.

Example :

If the medical community state a general rule that any individual may consume a given amount of sugar before developing diabetes, then this can be used to grant each indivual a lifetime « sugar credit » to be used from his or her birth. When over consumption is detected, then a warning occur and that individual comes under medical community relief and screening. Sugar credit for instance may take form of a credit card feature used to buy food and problematic substances like alcohol. Each purchase automatically diminish the credit, calculated on the amount of sugar associated with the barcode reference.

Technology, big data and artificial intelligence will help to do at least two things :

1- Define better who is at risk do develop diseases, and so the community will help those people BEFORE they got sick, thus avoiding the overwhelming of ER and hospitals.

2-Associate each barcode code with the exact amount of substances the item contains.


We want that state to sanctuarize the raw material it uses/imports for its industry. To ensure this, at least a tenth of all raw material used/imported, must be stored indefinitely into floating caissons, in a usable form at the expenses of the final consumer, trough a special VAT. This storage is considered strategic, and shall be reserved for space conquest only.

We want Tuvalu 51 to prepare space conquest. We know that supernovas and gamma bursts are a threat, universe expanding and cooling is another threat and space object like asteroids are another threat.

To ensure protection against asteroids, any long lasting space ship shall be surrounded by a several kilometer thick layer of liquid or « jelly » water to absorb impacts. That water (artificial ocean) itself protected from outer space by an appropriated external hull.

To ensure protection from gamma burst we shall get away from them as soon as we can, awaiting that we shall be able to shelter quickly into floating caissons. The thickness of the concrete is supposed to stop gamma rays.

To ensure protection against universal cooling we shall send space ships everywhere in the outer space to collect the most possible of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, amongst other needed material, in order to change it into organic material, wich may be used to feed bacterias into « artificial ocean » wich surround space ships. The infra red so emitted by all those bacterias will permit to both maintain acceptable temperature inside space ship, and when emitted to the outer hull this infra red will also permit to slow down the cooling of universe, hopefully in a good way. The bacterias in this artificial ocean may also produce electricity and/ or hydrogen.

We want Tuvalu 51 to grow on the sea surface preferably in areas where the cyclones may not occur. (Black sea, Red sea, Baltic sea, Mediterranean sea, Japan sea and so on…)

Though the Tuvalu 51 industry will rely on marine renewable energies, we want to implement a carbon fee and dividend as proposed by the Citizen’s climate lobby and as already implemented by Canada.*

Relations with the free world

« Made in China » vs « Made in Tuvalu 51 » : the middle class revolution.

More and more goods come from China, thus making the Chinese Communist Party richer and stronger, and the opression on Hong Kong, Tibetans and Uyghurs stronger and stronger. That is not a dream of a long lasting recovery!

What we propose instead is to welcome any refugee of this world, at only ONE condition: they accept to work part time, not full time, thus having time to educate themselves, becoming more proficient and so enter faster the middle class.

The point is that a two billions, middle class workers state will afford much more market opportunities as a whole, than one billion of full time working uneducated "slaves". Because the middle class, even frugal and green, consumes more goods and services with high added value.

For many reasons, prosperity and so profit, depends and will depends more and more on market opportunities rather than low labour costs.

This maybe seem too "revolutionary" but it is not. This is Maths.

If we acknowledge that no country can't allow two billion refugees, then it must be possible to do that on affordable floating cities and farms located in the vast maritime domain of Tuvalu Islands.

Now the corporates of the free world will have a noble purpose: to share their work with refugees rather than relocating to the "slaves" in China mainland.

We want Tuvalu 51 to negotiate first with the Tuvalu Islands government, then with the Government of United Kingdom and the Government of USA, and finally with the European Union and the United Nations.

If the governement of Tuvalu Islands and the government of United kingdom accept this proposal, to let Tuvalu Islands to become part of the USA but with some degree of independance somewhere between Porto-Rico and California, and to become the first ever refugee friendly "floating state", then Tuvalu 51 may be renamed as "New Tuvalu" or any other name that would be voted for. If Tuvalu 51 fails to reach such an agreement, then it will go on with the name "Tuvalu 51" and try directly to negotiate with the European Union and the United Nations, notably the UNHCR, and Tuvalu 51 will look forward for becoming an international offshore relief and training center for refugees, under protection of whichever free world entity accept to protect it.

During the process every support from the free world is welcome, even from small countries.

We want tuvalu 51 to make the free world accepting worldwide job sharing, as a world with 5 billion part-timers will offer more market opportunities and better economic resilience to pandemics and crises than the pre-Covid world.

Relations with intelligence community

In Tuvalu 51 we believe that it would be beneficial for the intelligence community to rely better on the general population, as a source of intelligence and wise advice, as well as an ally.

Also, we believe that it would be better for the general population to contribute more actively to intelligence community, thus having some control on that same intelligence community, at least to reinforce democracy and improve its overall efficiency.

During this process of reciprocal trust building, able citizens and newcomers may be asked to help fight online hatred and misinformation, especially that originating from countries against the free world, with a particular focus on terrorist organizations, under supervision and screening of intelligence community.

They will so become de facto intelligence community members for a while. Those showing some particular talent for this mission will then be hired by the intelligence community, following the part time rule, thus permitting to the regular intelligence community to focus better on some tasks that are deemed more urgent or important.

In Tuvalu 51, we think the best person to ensure that supervision is the talented free world hero Reality Leigh Winner, that is why we ask to president Biden to pardon her, so hopefully we can hire her.

Judicial system

We want that state to negotiate the abolition of prison system worldwide and the abolition of prison work and death penalty.

We want the worldwide criminals to be released from jail and sent to a floating factory named « Gehenna », that floating factory will exclusively dedicated to the collecting, cleaning and recycling of the plastic contained in the ocean.

These worldwide criminals will be granted « barbarian » nationality, and so, will never be allowed to quit that floating factory, unless proven either harmless or innocent. Otherwise, they will have the same rights as any other human, but the right to mary and to procreate. Women will be so on a vessel, and men on another. Part of the money spent yearly on jails worldwide will therefore be given by the nation willing to abolish death penalty and carceral system, in compensation for the taking of their inmates to "Gehenna". This money will be used to build and maintain the floating factory « Gehenna », and to afford minimal food and health care to the barbarians .

The product of the selling of recycled plastic will be granted to the barbarians who produced it, as barbarians are not animals, they just are barbarians, alike our prehistoric ancestors... They will freely negotiate its price, and they will be granted the right to hire international law firms to sue polluters and plastic producers and bind them to pay a fine. The « barbarians » will so earn their living, and part of that money will be handed over to compensate their victims. They may use their money as they want and organize their society as they want. But the barbarians will not be allowed to import restricted goods like weapons, and so on…

Every other prison work will be considered as slavery and illegal.

We want that state to negotiate and trade first with the free world or what remains of it, but we also want the freedom to negociate and trade with other countries, provided they accept to negotiate the abolition of prison system, prison work, and death penalty.

Offenders to the law of Tuvalu 51 shall be on probation for minor offences, until necessary compensation. The criminals will be sent to the ship "Gehenna", for life for crimes of blood, child abuse and related crimes, and therefore they will be granted barbaric nationality, while minor offences repeat offenders will be sent there for as long as it is necessary for them to demonstrate that they are fully rehabilitated and as long as it takes to repair the damage done.

The Gehenna vessel will be divided in four separate sections. Two sectors for barbarian nationals, male and female, which work as an independent nation of restricted access. Two more sectors for repeat offenders (separated by men and women) that remain under the jurisdiction of Tuvalu 51 and function more like a classic "time" penitentiary.

At Tuvalu 51 we believe that everyone will have a second chance, except blood and related crimes, so all rehabilitation resources should focus on that second chance. Recidivism is not an option. In Tuvalu 51 there are three levels of probation:

1-First-time offenders have a second chance at doing community work and offering some compensation to their victims.

2-Repeat offenders (second time offenders) are sent to the "Gehenna" probation sector until they have provided full compensation to their victims and for as long as it takes to show that they are fully rehabilitated.

3- Multi-recidivists (third time offenders and above) are criminals and will be granted barbaric citizenship, and will never return to the free world, unless their innocence is proven.

In Tuvalu 51, here is how we could bring calm to the relations between the police and the population:

-An arrest, an identity check should always be justified after the fact. In the absence of a posteriori justification (contravention, misdemeanor, crime) the controlled or arrested person must be granted compensation for "loss of time" of 50 USD per hour with a minimum of 20 USD. As if by a miracle, the number of checks will so drop drastically, and therefore the number of burrs.

-If, on the other hand, the arrest is justified after the fact, resisting it constitutes an offense punishable by a fine calculated in proportion to the number of agents present multiplied by the hourly compensation for "loss of time".

-Resisting an arrest that is not justified at a later date does not constitute an offense but results in the cancellation of the hourly "loss of time" allowances to which it could give entitlement.

-Presumption of innocence: any arrest or identity check gives right to immediate compensation of 50 USD per hour with a minimum of 20 USD, that amount will become a fine and so will be given back to authorities only if the arrest or identity check is justified after the fact (contravention, misdemeanor, crime). This is to prevent abusive behavior.

-In Tuvalu 51 we think that to be considered an offense and act must provoke harm to either a person or a property. In the absence of harm, there is no offense.

When the person that is harmed or endangered is self, then this person must be proposed to be placed under medical protection/supervision. If considered able, and in case of refusal, this person will have to sign a discharge of responsibility, thus allowing health services to prioritize other people.

When no harm is done but an act may endanger other persons or properties than self, then the dangerous act or behaviour can be considered an offense when repeated.








 Feel free to share those screen captures below:

We seek for co-writers for our oncoming essay: feel free to contact us !


     1944-2024 Great Diplomatic intiative for Ukraine.

This letter is to be transmitted, to any consulate or embassy in your vicinity. Feel free to improve this letter!

2024 will be decisive for humanity. Will a third front open in Guyana, Taiwan or Japan?
Your country can make a difference.

World war III is a luxury we can’t afford.

We already have a catastrophic climate change and a potential mass extinction to deal with.

While your country may not be directly affected, it will certainly be affected
undirectly through domino effect.

There is no legal ground to circumvent initiatives for survival. So let's do it!



                            The Diplomatic Regency concept explained:

In monarchies, in the past, a regent was in charge when the monarch was deemed either too young
to reign, or incapacited.
In modern times, we need to aknowledge the state of incapacity of a rogue country before things
degrade so much that a World War becomes inevitable.
Hence the need for a transitory “Diplomatic Regency” to save peace and prosperity.
This new concept is justified by circumstances that goes far beyond sovereignty.
Sovereignty should not imply the right to provoke a World War.
Sovereignty, once a legitimate concept, must be revised and limited.

The transitory Diplomatic Regency must have safe guards defined below:

1- The Regent’s mandate shall not exceed five years.
2- The prerogatives of the transitory Diplomatic Regency are to be validated by a pool of countries,
and not a country alone.
3- The actions of the transitory Diplomatic Regency can be vetoed by a Regency Council.
4- To be a member of the Regency Council requires either to have validated a Ph. D Thesis or the
equivalent regardless of the Nationality or origin, or being a legitimate elected representant of the
country that is placed under the regim of a transitory “Diplomatic Regency”.
5- The Regent has an unrestricted right of proposal, while the final say belongs to the Regency
Council, and the pool of countries that initiated the Diplomatic Regency can revoke the Regent if
they want.
6- The mission of the transitory Diplomatic Regency is to define rapidly the conditions of
settlements in disputed areas, and if no compromise can be found, proclaim those disputed areas
“Natural reserve” and regulate directly humans activities there.
7- The Diplomatic Regency has the authority to relocate displaced populations and refugees on the
equator line on a network of floating cities and farms.
8-The Diplomatic Regency can hire and train troops to defend itself and the persecuted populations.
9- The scope and reach of the Diplomatic Regency can evolve overtime and can be revised every
five years by the pool of countries that initiated it.
10-The Diplomatic Regency can extend its rule in several countries at once and has the right to
create enclaves to shelter its premises and/or persecuted populations.
11- The pool of countries that called for the creation of a transitory “Diplomatic Regency” to save
peace and prosperity can augment over time. The more countries join in, the more legitimate is the
transitory “Diplomatic Regency”.
12- Once the world situation is considered safe and consolidated, and elections can be organised
safely to ensure a peaceful democratic transition in former rogue states, then the “Diplomatic
Regency”, or the pool of countries that initiated it, may schedule the end of its mandate.

Conclusion: As a reminder, the mass extinctions already occurred five times before the existence of
civilization, and still may occur long after we are gone. There can be a sixth, seventh mass
extinction and more. 

Intelligent, sentient organic life aka “Humans” are vulnerable to space travel.
Space travel can thus be optimised and prepared by “more or less” intelligent, sentient, digital life
aka “Robots”. The equator line is the safest place in the world, if things goes very bad. Rockets can
be launched in the space from there with fewer fuel. The floating city concept is no longer science
fiction since a company of Lebanon (Beirut International Marine Industry and Commerce)
already built a sea worthy prototype that has been validated by certification agencies:


By being amongst the firsts to call for the creation of a transitory “Diplomatic Regency” to save
world peace and prosperity, your country can play a role into the building of
lasting peace and prosperity, and be rewarded widely for it, being amongst the firsts to be granted
the right to rule and populate the equator line and participate in space conquest and exploration.

National hubris is pointless.

National ambition is all.

Keep up the good job!

Honour to those who gave their lives in 1944!


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