Open Letter to my little sister Greta Thunberg (From a neurodivergent survivor)

Being neurodivergent is no excuse to do or say whatever we see fit without thinking of the consequences.

This for me, for you and also for Elon Musk, who is also neurodivergent.

We are gifted, at least to some extend. But this gift comes at a cost. We must preserves ourselves and our fellow humans from overreacting and unnecessary fighting.

Left side Anti Zionism is a sin against the planet.

Right side Anti Zionism is a gateway to Anti Semitism.

Tribalist Zionism is a sin against Heavenly Jerusalem.

The sixth mass extinction has begun and sea level rising will give back to "mother sea" all lands including the disputed ones.

Hundred of millions of people will try to relocate.

This will cause even more wars and hatred.

The solution is to help Heavenly Jerusalem to become real,

Heavenly Jerusalem is in the space conquest.

The ocean is the best shelter and the equator is the best start point for the space conquest.

A network of floating cities and farms around the equator will do the job.

This network will shelter hundred of millions of refugees of all kind and all cultures.

Those refugees will constitute an alternative to "Chinese Market".

The man has done too much harm to the planet.

As a punishment, all disputed land will be proclaimed natural reserve and forbidden to man.

However, even without the existence of man mother nature underwent already 5 mass extinctions.

The space conquest is too costy and too dangerous, and mankind is not ready.

We must build a strong, energy positive, and carbon negative economy first.

This will be done around the equator, on floating cities and farms run by renewable energies.

Some of us still value knowledge over belief, while many value belief over knowledge.

There is no way to declare a winner on the matter, as both knowledge and beliefs have long proven to be wishful thinking.

However, both knowledge and beliefs has played, and still will play, a fundamental role in critical moments of human history.

Raised as a catholic, I was a strong believer when a child, but after surviving an agression when I was 12, I became a repentless chimney sweep, and an atheist.

Now, I evolved as an agnostic, and the meaning of sentient life, be it organic or digital sentient life, is to collect the most Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen of the Universe.

Carbon Hydrogen and Oxygen will help constitute the needed organic matter to fight against the Universe cooling and crunching, hence making "Life" wins over "Fate".

The collection of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen can be done remotely by robots and machines, run by digital sentient life.

Organic sentient life is more vulnerable than digital sentient life, and thus must keep sheltered on, and under the oceans, on every planet where there is enough water.

To move organic sentient life to other planets, we need space ships surrounded and protected by artificial ocean, following the egg pattern.

Take care.



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